Strategic Planning

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Make the most out of your next corporate retreat. Strategic planning facilitated by the Team Leadership Center takes on a new direction that is interactive, inspiring and focuses on the positive direction for the future. The Team Leadership Center will lead your group through two to three full days of strategic planning by determining the organizational function and developing a clear vision for the future of the organization. This strategic planning is unlike any that you will ever go through!


4 Stages of Strategic Planning 

1) Inventory of Participants & Resources

This step begins prior to the event so that the appropriate members are present for perspective, dialogue, decision making and "buy-in” With the influential members present, the delivery and implementation of the plan will be impactful, without resistance, sabotage and abandonment. Once members have gathered, time will be spent on inventory of resources, which will lead to the planning strategy.

2) Dialogue of Past & Future Needs

Small groups in a round robin format will answer specific questions based on history, the last fiscal year, market, company trends and success and failures.

3) Prioritizing & Action Planning

The whole group reconvenes for this exciting and intense session on selecting the top priorities. Using the top priorities, participants will then be reassigned to small groups where they will begin the action planning process, for a model of change and a plan for implementation.

4) Establishing Guiding Coalitions for Plan Achievement

The last step in this process establishes groups to guide the plan forward into the future. Each priority will be assigned to a guiding coalition group with short and long term timelines attached.

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